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Terms of Use

Copyright Information and Terms of Use

Alias Grace
Alias Grace is Copyright ©1996 by O.W. Toad Ltd.
All content on this blog, unless otherwise noted, is Copyright ©2012-2016 by Michelle Southern.

Every effort has been made to ensure that these instructions are accurate and complete. However, we cannot be responsible for human error, typographical mistakes, or variations in individual work. Patterns may be photocopied and used for PERSONAL USE ONLY; they may not be packaged or sold.

I enjoy sharing these patterns and articles with fellow quilting and sewing enthusiasts, however you should know what you can and cannot do with them. There are limitations to the use of files and patterns on this blog depending on the resource.

Note: These terms of use apply only to the patterns, tutorials, and instructions published on this website. All other resources (including images, photos, articles, blog entries, etc.) are strictly off-limits for any usage whatsoever.

You DO have permission to:

  • Use the pattern, in whole or in part, in your personal work (creating a quilt block)
  • Modify the work to your personal preference, for personal use
  • Share the patterns with others by:
    • Linking to the page with the pattern
    • Using an excerpt or quote in your blog or article (NOT the full blog post or pattern) with attribution

You DO NOT have permission to:

  • You MAY NOT incorporate ANY of content to be part of any kind of work or digital download anywhere, regardless of whether it is free or for sale
  • You MAY NOT use any files, original or modified, for a stock/resource website, in digital designs or templates, or in articles, books, blogs, or any other site
  • You MAY NOT sell or repackage the resources nor upload them to any other websites
  • You MAY NOT sell, distribute or repackage any resources as clip art
  • You MAY NOT copy the full web page and display it on your own website (excerpts and quotes with attribution are acceptable – see above)
  • You MAY NOT use the resources for any harmful, pornographic, or racist material

Affiliate Links
This blog is not sponsored by any product or entity (unless you count me and my quilting business) but from time to time I may link to products or services that allow me to sign up to do so. I pledge to link only to resources that are actually useful and not simply for affiliate returns. If you do click and earn me a few points somewhere, I would certainly appreciate it very much 🙂
Still have questions?
They may be answered here, in this blog post about using this site: Are You Here For The Goods? and you can send me a note via the Contact Page any time.

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