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Sewing Summer

July 23, 2013
Sunset and Girls

I (again) have been very lax in updating the posts here. It’s been a very busy time for me, with all sorts of irons in the fire and fingers in pies and whatnot. I’ve spent a LOT of time sewing, which as anyone who sews can tell you is as time-consuming as it is rewarding and frustrating. I’ve sewn purses and retro dresses and boots and skirts and quilts and… well, you name it, I’ve stitched it. My clients are very happy and so the fun I have making items for them is doubled 🙂

Anyway, I’ve attempted to get the latest pattern for you finished several times but the program gets too sluggish to work on or my computer crashes and loses my files (note to self: spend less on fabric, buy new computer). I want to update the template I’ve been using as well so that is in the works. The free quilt pattern after this one will involve curves so I am still trying to decide if it will be best for me to continue to invent a pattern for you (so that all the patterns will be downloadable) or link to a site with an established template. I am confident in creating my patterns, though, and derive such joy in sharing them with you, that I really want to continue to provide original patterns for you.

In between all of this is “real life” – what could be described as something you have and I do not – I am the original get a life, girl! recipient. I have been writing a lot, and doing my boring geek work, working out, sewing, arranging my studio, and playing with music instead of doing things like, you know, leaving the house. While my shoulder is gradually getting better (3 years of this is quite enough, thank you!) I am able to get more done. So while it’s a summer of sewing I do hope to get some content up here for you. And some photos of some lovely barn quilts as well.

I hope your summer is as gorgeous for you as it’s been here in beautiful York Region! Here’s to warm weather and watching sunsets over the lake *clink*


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