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Resource: Archived Newspaper Quilt Patterns

February 22, 2013

Denver Post Archives - Quilt Patterns

Denver Post Archives: Quilt Patterns

The Denver Post Archives is publishing 25 quilt patterns from the 30s written by Ruby Short McKim (1891-1976). These interesting historical patterns are past Grace’s time in Alias Grace but the patterns are still relevant because they are hand-pieced and some blocks traditional to the time Grace would have been piecing them herself.

They will be publishing a new pattern every weekday for 25 days, including the “This Is The Way New Patchwork Quilt Will Look When Complete” article. This resource is much more recent than my own Great-Grandmother’s Ladies Art Co. 1914 quilt pattern book but it will come in handy to compare my own piecing techniques while creating patterns for this site.

From the finished quilt it looks like there will be fans, baskets, trees, flowers, crosses and ferns to make. There are also a lot of curves and intricate pieces to sew together, and a few appear to be in Margaret Atwood’s Alias Grace, so I hope you too will find this a valuable resource when you are hand-piecing (or figuring out ways to modernize) your own historic quilt.

This resource is quite new and not yet complete – the paper has only recently began contributing to this archive section, but you can catch all of the ones that have been posted so far by going to the Archive’s library tags. Enjoy! 🙂


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