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Secret Drawer Is On Its Way

June 10, 2012

Secret Drawer Quilt Block (©2012 by Michelle Southern)

Secret Drawer (©2012 by Michelle Southern)

I’ve had the Secret Drawer block finished and ready for weeks now, but I must admit I’m having a heck of a time getting much of anything done except what I need to get done. I didn’t set out to make this a blog about me, but the chronic pain and limited mobility from a frozen shoulder has certainly put limits on what I can currently tackle in terms of what is urgent and what is not. And to top it off my computer is behaving badly so I’m not really up for the extra frustration lately. In truth, it takes a LOT to put together a pattern for you and while it’s a labour of love it’s going to be slow going for the next little while and I apologize. Every day I don’t have it available for you is another day of feeling guilty about it – especially since I’ve already picked out the next quilt block and have been trying to find a way to draft it. Some of the quilt blocks in the book do not seem to exist outside its pages – and I’m still relying on non-Google and offline resources to keep this all a part of the process for creation – so finding these quilt blocks in their natural habitats is difficult but exciting. I’ll be tackling curves next, and even though the fastest way to make the block would be applique or fusible web the block will be sewn the way our grandmothers would have done it (bet you know the block I mean already).

So here I am, waiting for my Photoshop to respond so I can start re-sizing the photos for the Secret Drawer pattern, and in writing this I’ve decided to attach the photo for the finished block so you can compare it to the initial “fail” block. Well, it’s a fail for making an exact replica of the block in the book, but not a total fail because I do like how the blunted spool-ends make the centre square POW! right out at you. I might make it into a table runner or a pillow cushion. Anyway, I hope you are having an enjoyable summer so far – our weather’s been all over the place but here’s a photo from 6pm that I tweeted today 🙂


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