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Secret Drawer Has Stumped Me

May 16, 2012

Secret Drawer (Version: Fail) - ©2012 by Michelle Southern

Secret Drawer (Version: Fail) – You’ve Opened the Wrong Door ©2012 by Michelle Southern

I’ll admit that on top of some commissioned quilts to make and an aching frozen shoulder the slight complexity to the Secret Drawer block has made me reluctant to tackle it. But on Tuesday I challenged myself to create three things that didn’t already exist and so I gave it a shot.

I made a spool block that was an immediate fail: the block was a rectangle rather than square. So I tried again, ending up with square spool blocks that were much more promising but when the block was finished the points were blunted and it was smaller than I had wanted it to be.

I received a nice camera since the last tutorial and pattern, though, so I have some fantastic photos of a block in progress that didn’t turn out 😉

So the Secret Drawer has its secrets, I guess. I don’t know why I can’t crack them. I’m trying to avoid having to do a template and set-in seams. I did try something new I’d never seen before (stitch-and-flip with oversized flips) but this caused the blunted points, which I happened to like but don’t represent the block in the Alias Grace book.

I’m trying again today. I have the pattern written out and ready, just a few measurements need to be tweaked and the block sewn and photos re-taken and the downloadable file made. I’ve got a heated bag of buckwheat in a stuffed monkey cover slung over my back (giving a new meaning to the phrase) and calculations and ideas loose in my brain. In the meantime I hope you’ll share the bloopers you’ve made while making up patterns or sewing quilt blocks 🙂 Group hug!

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