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Blogging the Process

April 26, 2012

The day after I blogged about my process of creating the blocks and original patterns I produce for this site, I clicked on a quilt-related link from a Twitter buddy. The page I ended up at was called Blogging the Process: My 3×6 Bee Blocks. Not only is there a nifty idea for quick and easy quilt blocks, it proved that I so many others are thinking that the journey is part of the creative process. I’ve had that page open ever since then 🙂

That blog post by Two More Seconds leads to Rossie Blog’s “Process Pledge” and if you’re interested in reading more about writing your ideas out – even if you aren’t sure if you’re explaining things right, or don’t have an answer for what you’re trying to do – check out the post and the hundreds of bloggers/photographers who have signed up to take the Pledge. There are also prompts to help you “get some process posts going”. Brilliant!


I Took the Process Pledge



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