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Playing Catch-Up

April 25, 2012

Before I write anything else I want to thank the thousands of visitors who have read this blog in the past week, coming from Quilting Gallery 🙂 There have always been a steady stream of people coming through on a daily basis, numbering in the hundreds, but nothing like the amounts that this site has sent us and I want to send a friendly welcome to all who pass through. I’m very grateful for your pretty peepers checking out my work, no matter where you came from, and hope you’ll start stitching up an Alias Grace-inspired quilt or quilt block right along with me.

Now I must do one of those annoying catch-up posts that are never as much fun as actually blogging as things happen. I’ve been very lucky these past weeks, with a packed house full of family and friends, and clients ordering custom quilts. I’ve been doing a lot of writing and sewing and quilting and cleaning (it is spring after all). I’ve been very busy with a sick dog (which probably made you make one of those sad-eyebrow faces – don’t worry, he’s on the mend) and a painful shoulder issue that really is unfair to deal with in someone so young 🙂 I’ve had my computer off and only Blackberry access for most days as well, keeping out of my office and in my studio as much as possible. Also everything else that everyone goes through but doesn’t want to talk about in a quilting blog. Why complain or talk about unpleasant things when you can be quilting, or stitching, or writing about quilting and stitching? 🙂

I’ve finished at least three quilts (and several matching pillow items for one of them) and done a ton of fabric shopping. Unfortunately none of them have involved the quilt block I’d pegged for the next pattern – Secret Drawer. Every time I think about it I mentally do one of those teenager tantrums where you throw your shoulders down and make your arms go limp, and walk like your legs are made of rubber. You know that old trick. There’s a scowl involved. I guess being so busy I am just not prepared to clear my workspace for something so involved, when I could be sewing and slashing (and yes – watching Netflix while I attach the binding). I am feeling like a brat, which is strange when everything is really going so well and I’m not actually acting like a brat.

As far as catch-up posts go (catsup? ketchup?) this one probably won’t make any hall of fame. I’ve been busy, but so has everyone else on the planet. I do have a few posts up my sleeve that I’ll be pulling out very soon, and yes another quilt block that I’ll do and post for you 🙂 So… what’s new with you? Whatup, quilters?


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