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“Hearts and Gizzards” To Celebrate Valentine’s Day

February 6, 2012

Along with writing some new music (and trying to figure out how to get some attention – please tweet, +1, blog, Pinterest, Facebook, email, and otherwise spread this post to help me get my songs to the right people – be my hero/ine!) I’ve also been working on this month’s block. I had thought about doing a block that would use up the leftover half-square triangles from the January Broken Dishes block but that’s just no fun at all when you have a month like February and Valentine’s Day to look forward to. So I have started the pattern for Hearts and Gizzards, and added some research for it as well, because it doesn’t appear to be a block typical of Grace’s time. The earliest instance I could find was from 1896, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t in use before that. I am still trying to remain faithful to the fabric choices that would have been available to her, or at least were produced for the consumers of the period. So far I’ve picked out a red print and an unbleached muslin for the appliques and background.

My biggest obstacle at this point is finding my freezer paper, simply because I don’t feel like pinning the templates to the fabric, and hopefully I will have the time to applique all eight little hearts to the block. The finished block will be 9″ square and uses two fabrics – I’m using typical “heart” colours with a contrasting background but feel free to use whichever fabrics your own “heart” desires 🙂

Are you more likely to stick to traditional colour choices or do you just pick whatever you feel like using? Have you ever regretted colour choices in your blocks?


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