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ROM Quilt Resource Book On Order

January 31, 2012

I got a call from my library that they couldn’t find one of the books I had put into my online “hold” queue, and while I had her on the phone I asked about Pieced Quilts of Ontario (which had also either gone missing or was removed from the library system). It is now on hold for me through an inter-library loan, which means I may or may not see that book again at some point in the future. But the possibility of borrowing it again means I will be taking some very careful notes this time, not just a photo of its pristine library card for a “retro moment”.

Now I’m feeling very sentimental about library cards, and those little rubber stamps that the librarians used to use that fit on the ends of pens, and gave us the due date to return our books. Although I think most libraries have the same familiar smell, it is so wonderful to walk into one and know that a whole different variety of topics and ideas await at each shelf.

Anyway, as far as resources go, this book has a lot of what I wanted to refer to, and it makes me happy that we will be reunited again 🙂 Hopefully. Some day. Possibly.

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