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First Block Finished – But With a Catch

January 25, 2012

I finished the first block on Monday, but the weather has been so dark and ugly that the photos have been terrible. I usually prefer to use natural sunlight with all of my photography so it’s disappointing to get these results when I need these images for a downloadable pattern. I’m quite unhappy with them. Not sure what to do yet. Does it really matter how good the photos are? Do they really need to be glossy-print-magazine worthy? I suspect everyone is clever enough to figure out what the photos are when they read the instructions, but I just can’t help but feel a little let down since this is the first block. I guess that’s January for you.

On the positive side, though, as I was cutting and sewing the block I had a few moments of This is it… you’re doing it… you’re sewing one of Grace’s blocks! I’ve planned and yearned, I’ve thought (and probably whined) about doing this project for so many years that now I’m actually doing it I got one of those peculiar little thrills that Lucy Maud Montgomery loved to describe. I will know you’re a kindred spirit if you knew exactly what I meant 🙂

Now if I could only work a little magic on those photos… I will have the patterns ready for you very soon. Once they are available I’ll start working immediately on the next block. While you’re here, be sure to read and share my blatant attention-getting post. It would be so awesome if you could help me get my music into the upcoming Alias Grace movie! Thank you! 🙂


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