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Dear Margaret Atwood and Sarah Polley…

January 18, 2012

Dear Ms. Atwood and Ms. Polley,

Sheet music - The Ropemaker's Daughter (Copyright ©2012 by Michelle Southern)

I was so excited to hear that Sarah Polley would be making Margaret Atwood’s Alias Grace into a movie. I know I’m not the only one who imagined how the book would unfold on film, although I’m probably just one of a handful to wonder how the quilts will feature in it. I think I’m also excited about this movie for a pretty unique reason, though, and it’s been in my thoughts for several years.

Alias Grace has been my favourite book since I bought the paperback years ago and thinking of seeing it come to life on a big screen has been a mindbender. Back in my Vox blogging days I even wrote a post outlining my perfect cast – I had selected Jason Bateman as Dr. Jordan and Jennifer Saunders as Mrs. Humphrey. And before that I composed an 8-minute classical instrumental in 4 movements inspired by this novel called “Celebrated Murderess”, which I have posted on Twitter and @MargaretAtwood re-tweeted a few times back in May (thank you, again, for that re-tweet!).

And so, unlike most who are following the production of this movie, I would like to contribute music to it. I have been wanting to write music for the film version of Alias Grace for so long that when I heard, years ago, Mr. Brownlow would be writing the screenplay for it I tried contacting him. But those were the days before Twitter and Facebook and it was not as easy to connect with people, and I had no reply to my email. This has not deterred me – it has only made me more passionate about wanting to score your film.

Here are some reasons why my songs would be perfect in the Alias Grace movie:

  • I live in York Region, where the Kinnear/Montgomery murders happened
  • I am not just a fan – I know that book inside-out (this here blog, The Quilts of Alias Grace, is but one example). I’ve literally read my copy to pieces
  • I can write for an entire orchestra, as well as compose for individual instruments (like simple flute songs for Jamie’s porch performances)
  • I have mad songwriting skillz
  • My songs are conductor-ready, with full sheet music – just need the orchestra
  • I’m a member of SOCAN and ASCAP (and PWAC too)
  • “Celebrated Murderess” is just one example of the haunting, lush pieces I have written and I’m known for composing – others inspired by Alias Grace and Margaret Atwood are Such as the Angels Tell, Nobody’s Widow, Charis Rising, and (a personal favourite) The Ropemaker’s Daughter

Michelle Southern

Michelle Southern

I am a French-Canadian woman, a writer, and a mom. Outside of my love for my family, I major in two passions: quilting and composing for film. It has been my dream to write music for this book-brought-to-life. I would be thrilled to submit more pieces for you to listen to (my song catalogue has nearly 100 compositions). Please consider my music for this project, and contact me at your earliest convenience.

Thank you very sincerely,
Michelle Dompierre Southern
[ Kinetic Quilts | Songs for Haunted Houses | @kineticquilts | Contact ]

Please note: All songs are mp3s streamed from another site – please get in touch if you have any issues with streaming or wish to download the files.

  1. normawinberg permalink
    January 21, 2012 2:02 pm

    Had not heard of a movie, hope it happens. Loluck with your music, think I need to reread.

  2. January 19, 2012 11:13 am

    Consider the campaign under way! I loved this book and am excited to see it come to the screen. Having your music in it would put it over the moon!

  3. January 18, 2012 10:13 pm

    oooo I love your “Songs for haunted houses” Oh yeah!!!!!! this should definitely be the sound track!!!!


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