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First Pattern Coming Soon

January 14, 2012

My Great-Grandmother's quilt - handquilted, unused (pencil lines still visible) Photo ©2012 by Michelle Southern

My Great-Grandmother's quilt - handquilted, unused (pencil lines still visible) Photo ©2012 by Michelle Southern

I recently offered a very quick, very easy, and very free downloadable pattern on my website over the 2011 holiday season. It’s for a drawstring bag and I love making them so it was a joy to share the pattern with other sewing enthusiasts. Plus I got to make a bag for the tutorial, so I could take photos, and that was fun. The only thing is that it takes a huge amount of time to make the template for the pattern – it is saved as a .pdf file so that you can download it – and there’s the writing, layout, design, photos, proofing, and file creation to get done. Then you have to upload it somewhere, make it downloadable (I use a plugin), and then broadcast its availability. So in between my quilting business, my family, and this blog I’m having a grand ol’ time getting the first pattern ready to go. In all honesty it’s creating the initial template that’s the biggest headache because once I use it I will have to use it for all the other patterns. I actually have the writeup done, it’s getting the template prepped that is taking so much time (insert a frustrated *grrrr* here). Expect the first block very soon… it will be done and available for you before the month is over.

I won’t be doing the quilt blocks in the same order that the book has them (some are more difficult than others and some blocks are more like complete quilts in themselves than they are “just blocks”) and I’ll be doing blocks from the Sections as well as blocks just mentioned by Grace. I will be trying to offer you both a quick-and-easy version, where you can use any strip piecing and rotary cutter techniques you like, as well as traditional hand-pieced patterns with templates. The first is ideal if you want to take the block and make an entire quilt out of it, because you can just cut, sew, slash, sew, done. However be warned that some of the blocks will not be able to completed entirely in this way. One of the reasons I’m doing this is that my great-grandmother was a quilter, and I own three of her quilts; it would be so wonderful to make blocks the same way she did, without rotary cutters or fabric die-cut from templates. Before I had a sewing machine I hand-pieced my blocks (and boy, you should have seen the incredulous looks on the faces of my quilt block club – it took me days what it took them an hour to do – I felt so ostracized and snubbed I quit that club). So it’s not impossible, just time-consuming. And in today’s world of multitasking and instant gratification, which I myself cannot break free of, it will actually be refreshing to take my time in a low-tech style doing things the old fashioned way.

What do you think? Are you more apt to download the quick piecing patterns or do you dig templates?

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  1. January 14, 2012 6:27 pm

    I wuv quilt butterflies.

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