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Stumbling Block: Disappearing Book

December 31, 2011

Pieced Quilts of Ontario (photo by Michelle Southern)

Pieced Quilts of Ontario (photo by Michelle Southern)

One of the books I’ve been borrowing regularly from my library wasn’t there today when I went to check it out. The library had shut down everything early because they wanted to leave at closing time since it’s new year’s eve, so I couldn’t find it. I asked the librarian and she said it had been taken out of the system. Which means they’ve pulled it and either destroyed it or sold it. Now yes, it’s an old book. But really, a library getting rid of an old book about historic quilts? That’s borrowed on the regular? It wasn’t ripped or damaged, in fact it still had the original library card in it (yes, it was THAT OLD). Getting rid of it seems strange to me. And I’m upset and frustrated because I really, really wanted to use it for my research and books about Canadian quilt history (and Ontario quilt history) are few and far between. I’m not able to find it anywhere but I’ll try and find what I need elsewhere. I did manage to bring home some giant books about fabric, dyeing, and quilting, which I also take out regularly so I hope to have some patterns and other information up in the coming weeks.

Have you ever gone to the library and found they’d purged one of your favourite books? How did you react? Were you able to find it again or buy it?

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