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Comfort Zone

December 29, 2011

Ladies Art Co - circa 1914, family copy (scan)

Ladies Art Co - circa 1914, family copy (scan) - image by Michelle Southern

I’ve spent a lot of time today going through an ancient 1914 catalogue of quilt patterns, reading Alias Grace, and planning out how this whole thing will work. I’d like to launch the first pattern in the new year. It’s not as easy as it may look! I will be creating the patterns from scratch to fit into certain block sizes (12″ size finished blocks, for the most part) and quilt blocks go by several different names and variations. Also, I’m the kind of gal who typically doesn’t make a single block – I like to do a whole bunch in a row, using strip sets and rotary cutters and speed piecing, because that’s how I roll. So all of this is truly out of my comfort zone.

The first block I’ve got a good grip on is Fox and Geese (title block from Section VIII). But in my copy of the Ladies Art Co. catalogue it is listed as “Double X no. 3” as a 9-inch block. It’s clear I will be putting my graph paper and pencil to good use once again. This is going to be so much fun, but a little scary too – my perfectionist side is wondering if I can pull this off.

Where can you stretch your own comfort zone a little bit? Is it trying hand-stitching instead of using a sewing machine? Or maybe making and using templates?

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